Our Products are different

Ice of extreme quality and great durability

Unique Ice

Why are our ice cubes different and unique?


Ice Durability

Our ice is the one that takes the longest to melt, they are more durable. The Pressed Ice Manufacturing system is created and Patented by HICOSOL, this allows us to be the only manufacturers of this type of ice worldwide.

Ice Drying and Hardening


The double drying by means of a continuous tunnel makes an ice with extreme hardness, being the one that experiences the least deterioration and breakage in the market.

National Distribution

National Distribution, with technology to guarantee the conservation of the cold chain at all times. We are the only ones that have a national distribution in both hospitality (Horeca). Through our distributors to more than 20,000 points, to distribution chains with daily supply to more than 1,800 points anywhere in Spain, or through trailers to distribution platforms.


Double Freeze

Ice subjected to a double freezing system guaranteeing their properties



Our manufacturing plants and our products comply with all hygienic-sanitary regulations and our plants have the quality system and IFS.

Quality Ice

Our quality ice makes us different. The HICOSOL brand quality makes us unique. Through our point-to-point distribution to any part of Spain, it allows us to be the only ones who can supply the same quality and the same product anywhere in Spain.

Pressed ice

Unique and patented system making our products different

Commitment to the Environment

Our process and manufacturing of our products is 100% ecological. We continually bet on improving our way of having a production that is always sustainable and committed to the environment.

Continuous Growth

Innovation, study and continuous growth make us the strongest ice factory in the market

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